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Opening Statement

Okay, let's get right to politics shall we. I believe it's pointless for me to talk about anything other then Education, Senior Citizens or the Deficit.

Why? You might ask. Well, for starters, all other subjects will bring up animosity that has nothing to do with me. I didn't create any of the messes. I've watched others bumble around creating it. Am I going to bumble around one day if I'm the President? I'm sure I will. But, at least I have a clear and concise plan to fix 3 important issues.

EDUCATION: When it's my country, the students will write and draw pictures of the news and have a blast while doing it. They'll finally love school work and be able to put everything they have into it. I'm not talking about changing what they're already doing. It will continue. I'm talking about adding fun into school. They will be teaching each other with their articles. What an advancement of the education system.

Check out my proof of concept newspaper by Clicking Here.

SENIOR CITIZENS: Not forgotten and alone anymore. If you are old and poor, plus you don't have family, call the government. You can read the students news articles, AND GET PAID. Where does the money come from? SUBSCRIBERS. If you don't want to pay for seniors to read, DON'T SUBSCRIBE. This isn't a tax, it's a choice. If you participate, then a portion of your subscription will help senior citizens be part of students lives. They will share their wisdom with the students through their readings. It would be kind of like all of the students getting to have 1,000's of grand parents. What a blessing that would be.

DEFICIT: I believe the deficit is going to eat the children someday. My father was born in 1923. That means he was 7 years old in 1930 and 17 years old in 1940. His childhood was during the Great Depression. HE TOLD ME WHAT IT WAS LIKE. Your great grand kids might get to experience the same thing he did. The US dollar might implode one day. If you can't see that NO PRESIDENT WILL EVER LOWER THE DEFICIT then I believe you aren't thinking clearly. I've never heard of the government taking anything away that would put a dent into the deficit. I've only heard of new plans that will add onto what we already owe. The only way the deficit can be solved in my opinion is by, "the government eating the internet".

Elect me President and I will implement that kind of plan. All Americans will win, even the people in the internet that the government is eating, lol (google, facebook, amazon, twitter, etc ...). I have a soft heart and Foster Kid News is my idea. It was about 27 years ago in 1992 when I thought of it myself or God gifted it to me. I'm still in the process of proving which one of those hypothesis's are true. When I know 100%, I'll write it in my blog.

I have a dog named Ginger.
Her and I go out campaigning every night.
I write stories and include pictures then list them daily.

  January 12th, 2020

Gawea is calling the play as they huddle up. I wonder what it's gonna be? Oh Look! Emi hiked it to Nariz Blanca and he just handed it to Gawea and she is tossing it back to Emi … and ... Oh My Gosh! Tonto is wide open going deep out of the back field, "TOUCHDOWN!" What a Call! Facebook is going wild and crazy. Ginger is just smilin' away because she knew she taught them the, "Flea Flicker" the day they were born.

  January 11th, 2020

I know, I know, this little guy is so precious and cute and the white dot on his forehead is adorable. But, I actually saw the scrunched up nose of Emi right behind him first. She's my girl, the runt (by name only). She doesn't catch your eye right off the bat in this picture but she's already became a heart breaker because know I have to give her away some day.

  January 9th, 2020

I put Ginger on a white towel on my bed and then put all of the puppies up there with her to feed and then jumped into the shower. When I got out, the puppies were all fed and bundled together sleeping as she was laying there smiling in their containment bucket. I thought, "Mom of the Year? It's not even the 10th of January and that awards already been wrapped up!"

  January 8th, 2020

I love you little brother. I'm wrapping my arm around you with a little cuddle because I know times are gonna get tuff for you someday. You might have to take a shot in the butt and maybe even get a computer chip placed in your scruff. But don't you ever forget, at one point in your life, I HAD YOU!

  January 6th, 2020

I'm finally getting to go bye-bye for a minute. Having puppies is really exhausting work. I hope their forever home is as good as mine. I didn't know what love was until me and my daddy found each other. Even if he dresses me in outfits that show my after-birth belly. I know he's dressing me with love.

  January 2nd, 2020

"Feeding Acrobats!" If there are any cheerleaders or gymnast's out there that know the proper name of the move this little guy is pulling off, heroically I might ad, please let me know. He was in that position for more then 30 seconds so I'm thinking a new State Record might have been set.

  January 2nd, 2020


  January 1st, 2020

Ginger's puppy pictures, "New Years Edition".

  December 26th, 2019

First facial shot of this one, look, the left ear is unique, the price just went up, lolololol (I'm not about selling the puppies, I'm just wanting great homes where they'll be loved all of the time).

  December 26th, 2019

Mom (Ginger) and I cuddled all night last night. When I woke up this morning, I found her four puppies cuddling each other in 2 pairs. I wonder if they were spying on us? (probably not, they can't even open their eyes yet, lol)

  December 25th, 2019

The Best of Ginger's Puppy Photos, "Christmas Edition".

  December 24th, 2019

1am Feeding Frenzy. If you could only hear what the runt sounds like right now. He's definitely getting the best of her.

  December 24th, 2019

Everything seems to be okay in the first picture but check out the second, something went drastically wrong (mamma actually just got through licking his mouth, as I took this picture she just had turned around, the pup is still in heaven)

  December 22nd, 2019


  December 20th, 2019

There might not have ever been a cuter set of puppies.

  December 20th, 2019

Six weeks ago, Ginger asked me if she could go out galivantin' with Paquito (little paco). I said no and told her she had to go potty in the backyard. Ten minutes later when I opened the door to make her come back in, I was in for a big surprise. Little Paco busted through the back gate and him and Ginger were, STUCK TOGETHER..

Well little girl, it's not all fun and games now is it?

  December 20th, 2019

I'm 52 years old and I've never been a daddy or a grandpa. This is such an amazing feeling. Thank You God for enabling Ginger and I to meet on the street last August. You're an Awesome God.

  December 20th, 2019

This picture is so misleading. She is NOT HAPPY, she is PANTING (just teasing, she is glowing, she loves her pups, she cuddles them so sweet).

  December 19th, 2019

Seven hours old.

  December 19th, 2019

Well, so much for Christmas Day Puppies. The first puppy out was at 3:05pm. She has until 5pm to finish up. Google says 2 hours is plenty of time. I'll let everyone know the total before dinner (the second one is out), (she's up to 4 now, 1 blond, 1 brown and 2 black), (great mamma, she's cuddling them).

  December 18th, 2019


  December 17th, 2019

She's due on Christmas, "Who thinks she's gonna make it?" My money's on Christmas Eve at the latest. I can see them moving around, "It's Creepy!"

  December 17th, 2019

I knew I should have bought the "Maternity Hoody".

  December 10th, 2019

Here comes Daddy! His name is Paquito (little paco).

  December 9th, 2019

Ginger? Let's get in the Bath?

  December 7th, 2019

I'm due on Christmas morning.

  December 6th, 2019

Ginger loves her afternoon sunbath.


Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, 2019

“Ginger Snaps!”

By the end of the day it was late and gettin' dark.
Then out of nowhere we were torn apart.
We both jumped to action pumpin' blood thru our hearts.
Then we rejoiced the blessings of life's new starts.

We were born to meet we believe in fate.
That hot August night was quickly coolin' late.
But she needed me, I didn't know I needed her.
Something joined us together now her names,

“Ginger Snaps!”
Her Name Is Ginger Snaps.
She Likes to Lie In My Lap.
Bask the Sun and Take Naps.
We Both Love and That's a Fact.

Now if you believe we do too,
but if you change and say you don't.
Then let our example of love be strong.
Enough to influence your ways, valentine.
Hearts be tender, an enlightened light.

'Cuz if you believe in love then believe in us.
We've had to fight for our lives to build trust.
And together we lived a day to remember.
So sing along now, her name is,

“Ginger Snaps!”
Her Name Is Ginger Snaps.
She Likes to Lie In My Lap.
Bask the Sun and Take Naps.
We Both Love and That's a Fact.

Her name is, “Ginger Snaps!” *+)#@-!$~%^&(
Her name is, “Ginger Snaps!” ^!@)*(%#-$~&+
Her name is, “Ginger Snaps!” @-%^!)~#($+&*
Oh, “Sweet Ginger Snaps!”

Now if you're like us, stubborn stuck down in your ways.
And you like to venture out and explore for days.
Then listen to this tale about Ginger and I.
We'll pull your heart strings and bring your emotions alive.

'Cuz that's who we are and what we do.
We never look back only forward to new.
Then we live each day like the last day of December.
So stand up and sing, her name is,

“Ginger Snaps!”
Her Name Is Ginger Snaps.
She Likes to Lie In My Lap.
Bask the Sun with Long Naps.
We Both Love and That's a Fact.

We love you, “Ginger Snaps!” &*@-%^!)~#($+
We love you, “Ginger Snaps!” *+)#-@*!$~%^&(
We love you, “Ginger Snaps!” ~&+^!@)*(%#-$
We love you, “Sweet Ginger Snaps!” We're goin' home.

Music and Lyrics, October 25th, 2019, 1:12am: Peter J. Beauchemin

The very first stanza is about the day Ginger was attacked by 2 pit bulls. My friend had 2 pit bulls so I know how they attack. The grab and shake their heads. No animal ever survived my friends dogs attacks. The reason why Ginger survived in this case was because the pits attacked her from behind. She was right next to me. When the first one attacked her I saw it in an instant and I grabbed the neck of the pit and started choking it and holding its neck to stop the kill. The pit bull loosened its grip on her and she broke free. She then darted to the right and I screamed after her, "GINGER". She stopped when I screamed as I pounced her at the same time. I then grabbed her up high as both pits circled me. The owners of the pits ordered them to stand down. She didn't even bleed.

Later that night, she cried. I had never heard a dog whimper like that. I grabbed my guitar and started playing the intro of her song. It was just a simple blues progression but it was soothing to her. I started singing and the 2nd stanza was about the day we met.

I was door knocking off of Fuqua and Buffalo Speedway. After only a few houses from my van, there she was. She was so tiny and had no collar. I pet her a few times and then told her to stay. She started following me and I said very mean, "STAY!" She knew I meant it so she obeyed. I went to the door at the house she was in front of and then left. She stayed and just watched me. A few doors later was a street and I crossed it cattycorner and knocked a few more houses. She was about 8 houses down and I started whistling like I always do. Not for her come, I just whistle as I knock doors all the time so I stay in a happy mood. She thought it was a signal for her to come see me again so she started walking. I started to yell, "NO, NO!" but she was too cute and already on her way. She looked both ways when she entered the street and it impressed me. I went ahead and pet her when she showed up. I also gave her permission to follow me if she wanted to.

For the next 2 hours she went up to every door. I picked her up quite a few times when there were scary dogs loose. When I finished my route, I walked back down the street where I met her. She never once acted like she lived at any of them. When we got to the end of the street, it was almost dark and we were at my van. I picked her up again and asked if she wanted to come home with me? She knew what I was asking so she wiggled and gave me the best show she could.

Thank You God for sending me a puppy to love.

  November 12th, 2019

So here's the deal, my dad says I'm going to have puppies and I have to feed them for 6 weeks. Paco broke in the back gate and made me do it. Well, I encouraged him by biting on the bottom of the fence to pry it open.

  November 3rd, 2019

I thought I found Gingers long lost sister on route today. But, maybe not. Instead of kissing and loving on each other, that little girl got scared.

  October 31st, 2019

My little girls first outfit. She loves it. "Happy Halloween. I'm a warm Chihuahua if you can't tell."

  October 15th, 2019

Here she is with the father of her soon to be puppies and her daytime best friend.

  October 13th, 2019

Here we go. It's 2:31 am Sunday morning and I can't sleep. I don't drink so I'm sober. I am just so excited to go out campaigning tomorrow. I'm going to La Porte. The picture was from earlier Saturday. I'll be posting the date of my first Town Hall soon.

  October 8th, 2019

I'm about to start writing everyday again. My job is about to change and so I'm going out strait campaigning.

I love this little dog Ginger and I met. I joke that he is her grandpa but he is not. Total cool dog though.

  September 17th, 2019

This past Democratic Debate right here in Houston was a joke. Three hours of nothing. I went to a birthday party at the pent house. It was really fun.

  September 2nd, 2019

Very tough day campaigning. I knocked by W. Orem and Buffalo Speedway. Less then 5 people cared and about 5 or more were ugly to me. Not super mean just giving me slights. I know when I'm being encouraged to be moving along. Even when words aren't spoken.

Ginger did okay. She met a couple new friends. She almost got eaten by a big dog that was loose. She ran under a car to get away. I need to start taking more pictures of the other dogs on the routes. These two pictures are an example of her personality. When she is begging, she lays her ears down. When she wants you to talk to her or if she thinks you're giving her a command, the ears come up. The little brown dogs name was Timmy.

  September 1st, 2019

If there ever was a dog route, this was it. There were more then 6 or 7 dogs behind fences like in the first picture. Ginger didn't bother with them though. I picked her up a few times when there were some dogs loose but mostly there was no problems. The road was very busy too and yet she did great. She just knows how to act my friend said after meeting her for the first time. At the very end of the street there was a guy outside with his little white dog. Ginger and him got to be really good friends. they sat on the porch and everything. I like the picture in the end when they were separated by the fence. I thought it was very Presidential, lol.

On the campaign trail, I did one of my best explanations ever today as it was translated into Spanish. I was campaigning off Telephone Rd. up close to the South Loop. The policy explanation was my best ever because I was able to formulate my thoughts as he was translating. All of my points were crisp.

  August 31st, 2019

Best day yet. The very first door was Mrs. Sharon. She is the one in the picture with Ginger and I. She was so nice and when I started explaining my policies she followed right along understanding everything. She made helpful comments too. I even told her a bunch of stuff that usually scares people. It's not really funny but I try to make light when bringing it up in conversation. So here's the deal, sometimes I get to see peoples faces get flushed and then they get really scared. I've actually scared people more then 50 times. Actually, probably over 100 times. I've known I'm running to be the President of the Unites States of America for more then 27 years. I've told more then 20,000 people I'm running since 2014. I've knocked on more then 500,000 doors in Houston over the past 40 years. Here is a 1 sentence summary of what scares some people. I believe you can't just choose to be the president of the United States of America, it chooses you.

The pictures are all from route up in Northeast Houston again. Tidwell and Mesa was hitting on all cylinders today. The beautiful yard was so much fun for Ginger. She was running around, jumping and smelling everything. The picture at the bottom was a close up of Ginger and I at Mrs. Sharon's house. It was really just a personal pic for me but it's really cute so I posted it. I've met a bunch of little kids while knocking just in the last week that have picked up Ginger to pet her. That pic is for you guys.

  August 30th, 2019

Picture perfect. I caught her looking into the camera finally. I got really scared when she wondered into a back yard today. I couldn't find her for about 30 seconds and I was in full panic mode. I'm going to make a video of her soon to show her personality.

We campaigned in the far northeast today off of Mesa and Tidwell. It went pretty good. There were more then 5 people interested and even a couple of kids who asked really good questions.

  August 29th, 2019

Look at my handy shirt pouch. I'm carrying Ginger by scooping my shirt and making a pouch out of it. It was the end of the night campaigning and we were walking by 2 dogs barking. You can barely see them both sitting in that front yard. We went down to Texas City tonight and everyone was so nice. There were more then 10 people totally interested in what I had to say. Great way to end our day.

  August 28th, 2019

I left Ginger (my new dog) at home today because of the weather and then I felt bad after I got out to campaign without her. I didn't feel like myself. My pitch to the public was terrible. No one cared about what I was saying for the most part. I didn't have the pep in my step. Chalk it up to a bad day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

  August 27th, 2019

This is a picture of my friends dog, his name is Prancer. Ginger and him had a chance to hang out tonight since we took the day off campaigning. It took a lot out of us getting my tags and inspection etc. Ginger is just a bit bigger then this dog. They became good friends in just a few minutes.

  August 26th, 2019

(AM) I think Ginger and I are going campaigning down in La Marque tonight. See you after 6pm...

(PM) Everyone in La Marque was nice. That was 2 days in a row I had 100% of the people be receptive.

When the sun was going down I grabbed a cool picture of the United States flag with the sun and my campaign buddy.

The awesome car picture was taken with an awesome group of guys. The owner of the car was named Calvin. Them guys really made me want to go even harder. Right after I met them a lady said, "You're speaking it into existence". I've heard that before but it was very special in the moment. The best day I've had yet. My policies are getting more concise and growing too. I keep thinking of better ways to utilize all of the tools in the app and that creates new angles.

  August 25th, 2019

I had a great night campaigning up off W. Little York and Homestead. There were more then 10 people who cared. Check out the wild jack rabbit in the yard. He had a little white tail so of course I named him Peter. You can also see Ginger but it's only half of her head in the shot. She is on the lower left of the picture. She never did notice the rabbit because it took off. It had just rained on the Northside so it was a perfect Jack Rabbit sighting time.

  August 24th, 2019

(AM) Ginger is doing everything she can to get me to love her. She used the potty pad right off the bat last night. My brother has a little dog named biscuit so the pads are in a couple spots around our house. Ginger is rough. She has quite a few scars on her head. Where I found her off Buffalo Speedway and W. Fuqua Rd., it's known for leaving scars on you, lol. I campaign in all parts of Houston. I'm not scared. I'm going right back in the same neighborhood today. See you guys after 5pm.

(PM) She walked the entire route campaigning with me tonight. It's kind of like taking her for a walk but I consider it twice as long then just a regular walk. As for the route, I met about 5 or 6 very intelligent people who cared tonight. We had good conversation and I'm getting better at explaining my policies. I feel like everyone who listens really understands me. There's not many questions, mostly nodding and conformations that they understand and agree with my approach.

  August 23rd, 2019

(AM) I was thinking last night, some people might be wondering why I don't talk a lot of politics on my blog. Well, why should I? The election is not even close. Five years is a long time. To me, right now, the election process is a mockery. Hot air is all I hear for the most part.

I'll give you one example: If every public school in the United States was in my app, and all of those students had to write to get a grade. It would be possible for a certified editor working for the government to spot an unstable student through their writings. Then, the editor could send the students written words to an even more highly trained government agent who specializes in helping those types of students in need. Imagine that, helping mentally disturbed students talk it out and understand great alternatives before they reach their breaking point.


(PM) I campaigned over on 77045 today and 100% of the people were nice. I also met a little buddy right when I got out. I still haven't named her. My first thought was "45". My brother said it wasn't catchy enough though. She walked with me for 2 hours on route and I went back where I found her too. I walked the entire street with her and she never indicated where her home might be.

(PM2) My brother came up with Ginger so this is her full name,

"Ginger Snaps Beauchemin".

She doesn't like to be alone. She has followed me everywhere since the moment I met her. I tried to shoe her away after the first house I walked by but she wasn't having any of that. She followed me all around my house too. She is on my lap right now while I'm working on the computer because she kept pawing at my leg. I'm learning about lap dogs I guess.

  August 22nd, 2019

(AM) I got my tail lights and blinkers fixed today so I'm ready for my inspection and tags tomorrow when I get paid. I actually don't get paid until Saturday and it doesn't clear the bank until Tuesday but I'm working on getting an advance. The lights for my blinkers were less then $20 bucks so handled that barely.

As you can read, I'm flat broke. My van title is in the pawn shop too. I don't earn much money at my job so I'm doing the best I can. You might be doubting my chances now but don't. This app I'm building cost me $500 per month to a firm and I've never missed a payment. When the app is complete, money won't be my problem anymore. I have the app valued at 2 Trillion a year if it is owned by the United States government. If I'm the owner, the value is worth maybe .01% of that. People won't support me like they would their own grand children. The good news, if I live to be 60, at least I won't die in a ditch. Through my lenses, .01% of 2 Trillion looks like a pretty big stack.

(PM) I met 2 guys early today. One was in his 30's the other in his 20's. I'm breaking it all down for them and the 30's guy has this perplexed look on his face. I'm still throwing all kinds of stuff and then he gets this huge grin on his face. I mean it's really big and then he interrupts me, "Your running for President to promote your app!" I started laughing, "I'm running for President to be the President. But, yes, I want you recognize the entire me. We have a long way to go until the year 2024. I'm getting the ground game going so join up with me".

  August 21st, 2019

Best day campaigning yet. I was knocking doors in Alvin tonight and I told a guy I was running for President and he wasn't having any of it. He started questioning me and I answered him quickly every time. My answers always included policy information. HE COULDN'T BEAT ME WITH WORDS. HE WANTED TO PUNK ME SO BAD. He got so mad after I kept winning with each question. He finally told me to leave his yard after I shot down his 6th or 7th clueless gibberish and he said it mean. The secret service would have to visit him if I was already elected. After I left he was so mad that he called the police. Two of them showed up 10 minutes later. I told them what I was doing. One believed me and gave me advice on what I should do so he wouldn't have to come pick me up again. Like get a permit etc. The other one didn't believe me so he knocked on the door I just left and asked the lady some questions. I just broke down my campaign for her in about 3 minutes so she knew I was for real. She seamed like an educator so my reason to be at the door was confirmed. They gave me a ride to my van.

Then, on the way home in Pearland, I was pulled over for my tags being out. They've been out for 2 years because I just recently got my van back from the flood. It was ruined bad and I didn't have full coverage insurance so the repairs were enormous. I had just told my brother earlier today that I was going to get my tags this Friday. This weeks paycheck is open for the first time in 6 months.

The picture I took is after the Pearland Police officer only gave me a warning. God Is Real, lol. What a great day. My life is so much fun right now. I'm running for President of the United States of America for real and something is protecting me every where I go.

  August 20th, 2019

I traveled down to La Marque to campaign tonight. Jauan was amazing. He almost finished my sentences. I think he was in his 40's. I wish I would have taken a picture of him. The pictures are hard to get at the door because I'm nervous asking. Everything is new to people I start talking too and I can understand. The last lady of the night was great also. Her eyes got so big when I told her I'm creating a newspaper written by students. I threw a bunch of phrases out at her real fast and I could tell it over whelmed her maybe at the end. I tried to meet her son but he didn't understand who I was. I'll cherish that moment forever though. The little guy is why I'm going for it. I don't want him to suffer like my dad did as a child. My dad was born in 1923 so he was a 5th grader in 1933. To say he was depressed would be an understatement. The kids are not gonna get eaten by the deficit on my watch.


  August 19th, 2019

(AM) I had a unruly passenger hollering that he wanted to get dropped off at the Pentagon instead of the White House today. He was probably hungry. I pulled over and grabbed him and tossed him into the grass.

(PM) What a night. I got cussed out by a former United States Marine. He told me to get out of his mother ____ yard. My dad was a sailor and he would have told me to quickly put it behind me before I knocked on the next door. It took me an entire street this time, I was frustrated. That's not the worst thing that I've had them holler at me. Once they said that they would kill my whole family. Then, at the perfect time, I met a 20 year old girl who cared. Actually, 2 girls who cared within 5 houses at the very end of the night. They both were curious and tried to follow me the best they could as I spoke super fast. Since I'm knocking door to door, I always talk real fast. I jump around talking about different subjects to give them as much information as they can handle. The bottom line is they both inspired me since they cared and so I felt better on the way home.

I campaign everyday, even in the rain. I've been running for President for the past 27 years, I was 25 years old when I thought of this dream I'm still chasing. I rarely talk about it to anyone because of what society dictates to be reality. My reality is different then everyone else's. This is my app. I'm creating it. I know what happens in the end.

  August 18th, 2019

After campaigning for 3 hours down in Alvin today I went to my best friends house. I showed him and his wife my Presidential Flier for the first time and his wife said, "WOW, that sure is a coincidence. You're campaign slogan is what my son has on his shirt for his first day of school tomorrow, "Be Part of the Solution!"

Well, I guess my slogan has been confirmed now. It does describe my campaign to a tee. Subliminally, I guess we were thinking alike. She might have even bought the shirt at the exact same time I came up with the idea of the slogan. It happened just in the last 2 weeks for the both of us.

Also, I had a productive day down in Alvin. I met a 22 year old Army guy who would be perfect as a campaigner. I took down his phone number so I could contact him in a couple weeks when I put together the budget to hire campaigners.

  August 17th, 2019

I almost didn't get a picture for today. Right at the end I met these 2 stray dogs and friended them. The closest one to me I named Demo and the one in back I named Repub. They nick named me Indi so I believe we made a perfect match for hanging out on route together.

I had an awesome night campaigning. I knocked for 3 hours up in the North Forest district where Sheila Jackson Lee is their House Leader. I debated with one guy for 20 minutes and he said a bunch of points. I tried countering but he controlled the debate. He explained the local education system and he argued that the education system down in Clear Lake is better. I wanted to invite him to read the local teacher story below but it was hard to chime in with anything. We agreed to disagree with a few items at the end but the respect was mutual. I tried to get a picture too but he wasn't having any of that talk. All in all, he helped me. I was raised a Democrat and I've been an Independent for 20 years, but I could see why my dad believed what he did. I think my dad would be disappointed with the Democratic Party of today. Guilty until proven innocent is just plain wrong.

  August 16th, 2019

This is Steve. I knocked on his door and when I said I was running for President of the United States of America, he said, "I'll Vote for You! Anyone who comes knocking on my door running for the President has my respect". We hung out for 15 minutes or so and I broke it down for him. Then he explained his views and I had to give my respect back. He graduated from Alvin. I lived in Alvin on Mesquite Street in a trailer from 1989 until 1995. I actually lived there when I thought of this idea in 1992. He was probably in school there at that time guessing his age. He was born in Corpus Christy. When I showed him Taft High School Area in my app which is the neighborhood school where he was born, I asked him to take this picture.

  August 15th, 2019

I finished work at 8:30pm and I started at 9:30am. It was an unbelievable day. I gave out 27 of my newspapers to businesses until 5pm. Then I went canvassing for another 2 and a half hours and met a 2nd grade teacher that really inspired me. I met her at the very end of the day. After I left her house, I started driving south on Preston Rd. and when I almost came up to the light I saw this guy carrying a bicycle. I whipped it in real quick and asked him if he needed a ride. He said, "YEAH!!!" He had already been carrying his bike for 2 miles. My 15 passenger van had no problems stowing away his bike. We started heading towards Southmore and he asked me my name. I told him, "Peter James Beauchemin and I'm running for President of the United States of America". He said he believed me because he had been walking for over an hour carrying his bike, and all anyone did was holler ridicules at him. I gave him one of my Presidential fliers and a Free Newspaper to read. He said he liked to read. He said he was in jail before but now he is 36 and only does the right things. He then thanked me for picking him up. I asked him if he knew where to get his tire fixed and he said he did. We drove for a couple more blocks and he said, "Stop here". He jumped out and came back 5 minutes later with a little box that had an inner tube in it. We went to the closest corner store and their air was broke so we drove another few blocks or so and found one that worked. I threw in 6 quarters to the machine and bam, his tire was all aired up again. I grabbed us a couple of drinks from the store and drove another few minutes with him to his neighborhood. We parted ways but before he left said, "I can't vote, but I'll tell everyone I know that you're worth it".

(his name is Eli)

If you look in the picture of me with him, I'm smiling boastfully. I remember the moment. I knew it was a great picture for my blog.

BUT, YOU CAN TAKE THIS TO THE BANK. I did not think about my blog when I saw him carrying his bike.

I whipped in and gave him a ride. Not until he asked me my name did I think of taking his picture. Yes, the picture I took of us was 5 minutes later and I was excited for my blog. But I backed him up because that's what I do. I'm from Pasadena. Did I put myself at risk, yes. But so did my dad back in 1941 at the age 18 after they bombed us at Pearl Harbor. HE was only 18 years old, 5'2", and 135 pounds. Back then he volunteered for the Navy in January of 1942 to protect us. He survived. Ten years later he moved to Pasadena. I was born 10 years after that as his 9th child. He died at age 80 and had been married for over 50 years.

I'm not fake. I'm him. I'm trying to beat him and he's hard to beat. Yes the picture is great, I love it. But I've done that hundreds of times and I can't show you but a few pictures because I've never taken any. I've posted some to my Facebook recently and those pictures are even more boastful. I took them for my Facebook and that's disgusting. I helped those people in the pictures for real but the pictures were ... Glorifying myself is not engrained in me from my childhood. My daddy made sure of that.

  August 14th, 2019

I met an amazing veteran today and he was wearing an "Air Force" hat. He was maybe in his 70's. This was only my 2nd day with this blog and I feel horrible that I forgot to take a picture with him. It would have made today's blog awesome. Oh well. The picture is of me later in the day while I was door knocking up in the northeast. It poured rained on me for about 15 minutes so I'm pouting, lol.

Anyway, I learned a lot about foreign policy today at lunch with a customer and was corrected several times by him. He was a little bit older then me probably so I was appreciative of his words. I also feel bad about something on the evening shift. I scared a family. It started out good but it turned serious because I started talking to the father. This part always makes me feel bad. Since I talk about real issues all day long with adults, I sometimes forget to shut it off around the kids and talk just on their level. Right after I scared the family, I met another family and the talk went really good. One of the kids about 12 years old was almost completing my sentences. She could understand everything of what I was saying and followed along the entire time.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll be up early and I'm going until midnight tomorrow again. I have a ton of paperwork to do after I get home. If you're reading this blog, why don't you join me and do something extra this week too.

  August 13th, 2019

I had my presidential fliers today for the first time, it was a great day. I collected 5 emails in exchange for my newspaper, win-win. I loved the sign to the left, ask the dog for details was pretty funny.


  July 17th, 2019

I met a wonderful retired teacher (retired 8 years ago) while campaigning door to door today. She told me the most wonderful story about her first job teaching in Texas. It happened back in 1989. She took a job in the North Forest district up on the northeast side of Houston. Her first day teaching 3rd grade was rough. The kids gave her the business. She was one of only a couple lightly skinned people in the entire school and many kids let her know it. She went on for about an hour telling me how she won the kids over and they all ended up passing the main test except for 1 student (who should have been held back in first grade but was moved up anyway). Her story was inspiring. I've knocked every door in the North Forest district so I know the district well. I'm so proud of her and the students for coming around and believing in her. I started working with kids at the old Houston Post back in 1987 and have had more then 3,400 kids since work for my door knocking business paying over 1.7 million to them. Her story brought back memories of those days working with youngsters. Thanks Kathy for choosing a career in Education and making a difference for those students. You are an American Patriot.

  July 16th, 2019

Message to everyone,

I believe the animosity between the two parties ultimately comes down to one thing, the Deficit. I know it runs deeper. I'm simplifying it because most people don't know that is truly the root of the fight.

I explain it to children like this.

OKAY, let's say I loaned you $100 bucks and you said you would pay it back to me next Friday. But, when I showed up to collect, you were installing a new stereo in your car with the money I loaned you. Your excuse to not pay me back was that you had a long drive to work and needed to hear music on the way. Therefore, you spent my $100 to make sure you were comfortable. But, next week, when I came to collect, you were jumping on your 4-wheeler to go have fun with my money. To make things worse, the money you bought the 4-wheeler with you borrowed from someone else. The next week it was your new Harley motorcycle and you borrowed the money from yet another lender. The next week a new car, new lender. The next week a new swimming pool, new lender. Then a new ...

You see kids, the American government can't stop borrowing from other countries. Our debt currently stands at $23,000,000,000,000.00 (congress just voted to borrow another trillion. It was only 22 tril last week. No big deal kids, go back to eating your cereal).

I ask the kids how big do they think it can get? They mostly agree that were reaching our limit.

Then, I tell them the good news, "The deficit problem has been solved if I'm elected President of the United States of America". I go on to explain how my app works. The conversation always end with them wanting to vote for me. Don't miss my town hall meeting next month to learn more.

Please tell people how they can follow me. If we work together to build up my momentum, I'll install my app and it will solve many of the problems our children face.


Please check out my Presidential App: